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Sexual Harassment Prevention for Managers CA AB 1825 and 2053 Suite v3 (IACET CEU=0.3)

This course fulfills the California AB 1825 and AB 2053 requirement that employers of 50 of more employees train supervisors on sexual harassment and abusive conduct every two years. Potential sexual harassment entanglements can appear anywhere in the work environment and in many different forms. As a manager, you need to be on constant alert as to what's going on in the workplace and know how to deal with inappropriate and illegal behaviors. This course provides practical examples designed to raise management’s awareness of the potential employee issues and the legal liabilities associated with sexual harassment and abusive conduct.

Product Specifications

Course Duration: 184 Minutes

CEU Credits: 0.30

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Preventing Workplace Harassment - Managers

Victims of harassment have well-established rights under federal law and, in many cases, under state and local law, too. And as a Manager or Supervisor, you have an important responsibility to both prevent harassment from taking place and to address it whenever it occurs in your organization. In order to meet that responsibility, you need to know what harassment and discrimination are, what laws prohibit discrimination and harassment in the workplace, what you must do to prevent and act upon workplace harassment, and how the anti-discrimination policy of your organization helps you do this. That is what you are going to learn in this course.