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Powered Industrial Trucks, Parts 1-7 (IACET CEU=0.1)

Using powered industrial trucks, such as forklifts, safely enables operators to lift, carry, stack, push or pull materials that are too large or cumbersome to move by hand. Whether you are an operator or someone who manages operators, this series of courses will help you understand some basic safety principles that will lay the foundation for hands-on training about the specific equipment and hazards at your workplace. You are required to complete all courses and pass all assessments within this suite in order to receive the stated CEU Credits.

Powered Industrial Trucks, Parts 1-7 (Spanish) (IACET CEU=0.2)

El uso de camiones industriales motorizados, como montacargas, permite a los operadores levantar, cargar, apilar, empujar o jalar de materiales que son demasiado grandes o incómodos para mover con la mano. Sin importar si es operador o alguien que gestiona operadores, esta serie de cursos lo ayudará a comprender algunos principios básicos de seguridad que servirá como base para capacitación práctica sobre los equipos y peligros específicos en su lugar de trabajo.