IISE: Six Sigma Green Belt Suite (IACET CEU=4.0)

Are you ready to become a champion of Six Sigma implementation in your organization? In these courses, you will learn how to develop Six Sigma projects so that you can continually improve your business. We will cover important topics including processes, statistical analysis and the Six Sigma philosophy. By the end of the suite, you will know how you can apply the tools and information to your job and add value to your organization.

Product Specifications

Course Duration: 1147 Minutes

Course Objectives:

  • Define Six Sigma and Lean, their goals and their related terminology; Recall how Lean Six Sigma began and evolved Know what the DMAIIC methodology is and what it includes; Recall the roles that play key parts in the success of Lean Six Sigma; Know how to interpret data variation; Know how Lean Six Sigma uses histograms, measures, deviations and shapes; Recognize and construct control charts and control limits; Identify patterns on control charts to understand and address variation; Know how to calculate process capability measures to understand and address customer dissatisfaction; Know how to use the Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) strategy to design products and services; Know how to perform root cause analyses; Recognize the roles and steps needed to implement Lean Six Sigma; Know about Lean, Lean Enterprise, value stream, the 4P Model and key phases of implementing Lean

CEU Credits: 0.60