SESHA: Semiconductor Hazardous Energy (IACET CEU=0.2)

The energy used during the semiconductor fabrication process can be dangerous. Take these courses to learn about the practices and programs, such as lockout/tagout, that your employer expects you to use to remain safe when working with energized equipment. These courses are ideal for all semiconductor fabrication workers.

Product Specifications

Course Duration: 51 Minutes

CEU Credits: 0.20

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Laser Safety Awareness

Lasers can present a variety of potentially serious hazards, including hazardous biological or chemical fumes given off by materials being lased and injury to the eyes and the skin from laser radiation. Lethal electrical and fire hazards can also be present with high-powered lasers. This course outlines the hazards that lasers present as well as how to work safely with and around them.

SESHA: Semiconductor Chemical Safety Including Toxic Gases (IACET CEU=0.2)

Semiconductor fabrication involves many hazardous liquid chemicals and gases that can be dangerous if people do not handle them properly. These courses will help you understand which liquid chemicals and gases you may encounter, what controls your employer has in place to minimize the danger and what you can do to remain healthy and safe. The courses are ideal for all semiconductor workers who work inside fabrication facilities.

Hand and Power Tool Safety

Most of us use tools in our daily work. But do you realize how dangerous tools can be if they are not handled correctly? This training focuses on the importance of hand and power tool safety, the hazards that can lead to injuries and deaths, and the precautions needed to work safely with these tools. Ideal learners include anyone who works with tools.

SESHA: Semiconductor Fabrication Worker Safety (IACET CEU=0.1)

Where does your job fit in with the entire semiconductor fabrication process? Take these courses to find out! You will learn about the steps of the process, the types of hazards involved in them and the controls in place to keep workers from being hurt. These courses are ideal for all semiconductor workers who work inside fabrication facilities.