Oil and Gas Suite (IACET CEU=0.9)

The oil/gas industry as a whole utilizes generic EHS training that does not adequately cover industry-specific expectations, policies and procedures. Traditional training approaches are very time-consuming, taking at least 8 hours of in-person, classroom-style instruction that can be difficult to schedule. The comprehensive Oil and Gas suite covers 30 topics in industry-specific ways and its online format makes it easy for companies to schedule learning for employees and contractors. This suite meets regulatory requirements for both onshore and offshore industries and covers OSHA, EPA, BSEE and USCG. This suite offers a stand-alone packaging that can be tailored to client needs.

Product Specifications

Topics included in the Oil and Gas Suite: 

OG: Introduction to Safe Operating Practices
OG: Incident Reporting (US)
OG: Stop Work Authority (SWA)
OG: Fall Protection (US)
OG: Confined Space Entry
OG: Lockout Tagout (LOTO): Basics
OG: Lockout Tagout (LOTO): Blinding and Isolating
OG: Breaking Containment
OG: Hot Work (US)
OG: Crane Inspection and Maintenance (US)
OG: Crane Operations
OG: Crane Operators and Rigging Practices
OG: Accident Prevention Signs and Tags (US)
OG: Specific Health Exposure Hazards
OG: Respiratory Protection (US)
OG: Bloodborne Pathogens
OG: Hazard Communication (US)
OG: Hearing Conservation
OG: Hand Tool Maintenance and Use
OG: Fire Prevention
OG: Electrical Safety (US)
OG: Manual Lifting and Ladder Safety (US)
OG: Short-Service Employees
OG: Control of Work
OG: Preventive Health and Medical Management
OG: EHS Policies (US)
OG: Simultaneous Operations (SIMOPS) (US)
OG: Personal Protective Equipment (US)
OG: Stop Work Authority Microlearning
OG: Breaking Containment Microlearning
OG: Hot Work Microlearning

Course Duration: 542 Minutes

CEU Credits: 0.90