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IISE: Lean Green Belt Suite (IACET CEU=4.4)

Are you ready to use Lean to improve your business? Take this suite of courses to learn how to create and improve a lean process. We will teach you how to implement 5S to develop a safe, clean working environment. You will learn to map the process flow and identify activities that add value and reduce setup time using the SMED process.

Product Specifications

Course Duration: 1209 Minutes

Course Objectives:

  • Define Six Sigma and Lean, their goals and their related terminology; Recall how Lean Six Sigma began and evolved; Know what the DMAIIC methodology is and what it includes; Recall the roles that play key parts in the success of Lean Six Sigma; Recognize the roles and steps needed to implement Lean Six Sigma; Know about Lean, Lean Enterprise, value stream, the 4P Model and key phases of implementing Lean; Know why and how to gather and analyze customer requirements; Know how and when to create process maps; Know how to use value stream mapping to improve delivery of products and services; Recognize how you can use Lean to identify and eliminate waste; Know about standard work, work simplification and standard work practices; Know methods to help implement Lean and continuous improvement; Know how to use Kaizen in Lean Six Sigma and business improvement strategy; Recall differences between push and pull systems, including the advantages and disadvantages of each approach to maintaining inventory; Know how to use Lean 5S tools, visual management and a Total Productive Maintenance system to standardize work

CEU Credits: 0.70