Laser Safety Awareness

Lasers produce a highly directional beam of light. Under certain conditions, laser radiation can cause eye or skin injury. Take this course to learn how to avoid such injuries. This course is ideal for people who work around lasers and should be combined with site-specific and hands-on training.

Product Specifications

Course Duration: 19 Minutes

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Basic Radiation Awareness

The general public often thinks radiation exposure only occurs in areas displaying Caution: Radiation, or Danger: Radiation signs. Actually, in addition to exposure in certain work places, each of us is exposed to natural radiation each day of the year. Topics in this course include: Effects, Limits, Controls, Assessment, and Regulations. After completing this course, learners will be able recognize the types of natural and man-made (ionizing) radiation, where radiation originates, its health effects, principles of protection, and the components of an effective Radiation Protection Program.

Hand and Power Tool Safety

Most of us use tools in our daily work. But do you realize how dangerous tools can be if they are not handled correctly? This training focuses on the importance of hand and power tool safety, the hazards that can lead to injuries and deaths, and the precautions needed to work safely with these tools. Ideal learners are anyone who works with tools.

Preventing Cuts and Puncture Wounds

When someone gets a cut or suffers a puncture wound, precautions should be taken to prevent infection and serious or even life-threatening injuries. This course provides guidance on using machinery, knives and other sharp objects in a safe manner as well as treating cuts and puncture wounds. Ideal learners are all employees.

Fall Protection

Each year, many workers are hurt or killed as a result of falls in the workplace. Falls are usually complex events that involve a variety of factors. This training will cover systems and procedures designed to prevent falls off, onto or through working levels and to protect workers from being struck by falling objects. Ideal learners include all workers.