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Occupational accidents and work-related diseases cost billions of dollars in lost productivity every year. If your employees face workplace hazards, you need to know the risks. UL EHSS has the training content you need to keep workers healthy, safe, and on-the-job.

For the month of December we are highlighting Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month. When are you driving, taking your eyes and mind off the road for even a few seconds can result in an accident. 

Help keep your employees safe when driving. Take 25% off your Order Total for the courses listed below.

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Safe Vehicle Operations

This course educates commercial vehicle operators and other personnel at trucking companies about how to avoid accidents caused by speeding, following other vehicles too closely and executing turns incorrectly.

Avoiding Rear-end Collisions - Light Vehicles

Rear-end collisions can be very serious since the vehicle that is struck from behind is usually stopped or moving very slowly while the other vehicle is in motion. The potential for catastrophe is amplified when the vehicle in motion is a van or truck and the vehicle that is struck is a smaller vehicle such as an automobile. This course focuses on the common causes of rear-end collisions and what drivers of light commercial vehicles can do to reduce their risk of being involved in such a collision.

Reasonable Suspicion Training for Alcohol and Substance Abuse (US) (Spanish)

Este curso proporciona información sobre políticas de drogas y alcohol en el lugar de trabajo. Está diseñado específicamente para cubrir los requisitos para los conductores según lo especificado por la Administración Federal de Seguridad de Autotransportes (FMCSA) del DOT. Educa a los estudiantes sobre el proceso de identificación de consumidores potenciales de drogas y alcohol, incluyendo la detección de los indicadores de abuso de sustancias intoxicantes, la realización de pruebas y el seguimiento una vez que los resultados estén disponibles. Esta capacitación está dirigida a personas que administran o supervisan conductores comerciales.

Towing Trailers

Trailers towed by motor vehicles provide an efficient, convenient way to carry heavy loads but they present challenges to drivers. To avoid accidents, you should understand exactly how towing a trailer affects the vehicle you are driving and what you can do as a driver to stay safe as you tow your load.

Defensive Driving - Small Vehicles (Spanish)

A split-second decision can change your life, especially when you are behind the wheel of a fast-moving, heavy vehicle. Take this course to refresh your memory about safe driving practices, particularly what you need to do before you drive, while you drive and in the event of an accident. Ideal learners include anyone who drives cars or small vehicles.

Drug and Alcohol Awareness - International (Spanish)

Substance abuse causes harm to more people than just the abuser. This course teaches workers what drug and alcohol abuse is and it outlines the costs of substance abuse to employers. It also provides facts about commonly abused substances and how to reduce the risks of substance abuse. Learners include managers and supervisors, all employees