New! Safe & Healthy Buildings

Safe and healthy buildings lead to safe and healthy occupants. These courses are a great way for building owners, managers and tenants to learn how to make the conditions in their buildings better for everyone. 

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Warehouse Safety

You may not think of warehouses as dangerous places, but materials, equipment and vehicles can be harmful if you do not practice safe work procedures, monitor your surroundings and correct unsafe conditions. This training will help you create a safe warehouse environment. Ideal learners are employees and supervisors who work in or visit warehouses.

Welding, Cutting and Brazing

Welding, cutting, brazing and other hot work are common, and inherently dangerous, activities on many jobsites. Care must be taken to ensure that work is performed safely. This course introduces common hazards associated with welding, cutting and brazing and ways to prevent injury and damage. Ideal learners are workers who perform welding, cutting and brazing.

Why Incident Management Matters Suite (WIMM) (IACET CEU=0.3)

Your company realizes that reporting even minor observations and near-misses can help them prevent future incidents and losses. That is what the Why Incident Management Matters suite is all about, how we can all contribute to health and safety. The Why Incident Management Matters suite is made up a series of short online courses about topics that will help you prevent and manage incidents. It is ideal for all employees.

Workplace Violence Prevention

You or someone you know could be involved in workplace violence anytime, anywhere. This course will give you a basic understanding of what constitutes workplace violence, the warning signs to watch for, and what you and others around you can do to prevent it. Ideal learners include all employees.