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Construction Mini-Module - Fall Protection (PC Only)

This concise mini-module addresses the core elements that workers need to understand when working around fall hazards on a job site. Employers can use this course to ingrain fundamental terms and employee responsibilities. This course is an excellent tool for organizations who want to bolster or supplement their current Fall Protection training program.

Construction Mini-Module - Guarding Floor and Wall Openings and Holes (PC Only)

Almost all work sites have unprotected sides and edges, wall openings, or floor holes at some point during construction. If these sides and openings are not protected at your site, injuries from falls or falling objects may result, ranging from sprains and concussions to death. After completing the Guarding Floor and Wall Openings course, you will be able to identify which floor and wall openings need to be guarded, recognize how to guard open-sided floors, platforms and runways and describe the guidelines for guarding stairways.

Construction Mini-Module - Ladder Safety (PC Only)

Falls from heights in general are one of the most severe hazard exposures in the construction industry. By the time you complete this specialized module on Ladder Safety, you will be able to identify how to reduce injuries related to ladder accidents and how to reduce your exposure to the associated costs and understand how to choose the right type of ladder for the job, set it up appropriately and then verify the safety of its setup.

Crystalline Silica Awareness - Global

Breathing is an act we often take for granted. Sometimes, what we breathe in can harm our bodies and cause lasting damage. That is definitely true of crystalline silica. In this course, you will learn what it is, where it is, how to avoid exposure and what to do if you are exposed. This course is intended for anyone who may be exposed to crystalline silica in their work.

Fall Prevention and Protection for Telecommunications (PC Only)

Telecommunications field technicians may work in a variety of high settings, such as telecommunications towers, rooftops and catwalks. This places them at risk for dangerous falls. Fortunately, technicians can use safe practices and tools to prevent falls and minimize the impact of any falls that do occur. This training provides an overview of those practices and tools, including planning for safe work at a height, using fall restraint and fall protection systems correctly, and using ladders properly.

Fall Protection - International

Each year, many workers are hurt or killed as a result of falls in the workplace. Falls are usually complex events that involve a variety of factors. This training will cover systems and procedures designed to prevent falls off, onto or through working levels and to protect workers from being struck by falling objects.