Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma training in the era of Industry 4.0 requires customization, flexibility and return on investment – and that’s what IISE and UL’s partnership has delivered. Pick from 6 belts and 5 certificates based on your employees’ and students’ career track, needs and responsibilities – with online Lean Six Sigma Green Belt price points starting at less than $1,000. The Gold Standard in LSS training just got a shinier, brighter ROI.

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  • 22 modules allow you to choose from 6 belts and 5 certificates.




Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (22 modules)

Control Charts and Capability (6 modules)

Lean Green Belt (15 modules)

Value Stream Mapping (4 modules)

Six Sigma Green Belt (13 modules)

Waste (4 modules)

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt (7 modules)

Lean Tools for Standard Workplace (5 modules)

Lean Yellow Belt (5 modules)

Root Cause Analysis (3 modules)

Six Sigma Yellow Belt (6 modules) 



Who can it help?

Every sector. This is the training that manufacturing, aerospace, healthcare, financial, supply chain/logistics/transportation, web development, semiconductor, IT, facility planning, warehouse management and other enterprises have used to improve processes and boost quality, saving millions of dollars in the relentless pursuit of the perfect process.

And UL’s e-learning courses and web-based seminars are backed by more than a century of experience and provide real-time, industry-critical solutions to help companies thrive and improve.